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Streak Free Microfiber Cloths

Never use Windex Again!!


GUARANTEED… Streak Free, Lint Free, Dust Free

Absolutely Positively NEVER STREAKS Windows or Mirrors

Never use chemicals again.. Polishes as it cleans



Streak Free the Next Generation Microfiber cloths. Streak Free Micro Fiber Cloths are a super fine blend of 70% polyester and 30% polyamide. This blends offers the finest and plushest micro fiber cloths available. But, what really sets these cloths apart from the competition is the heat melding process that makes these cloths the most durable micro fiber available. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations. These cloths are made as the ORIGINAL composition of the Streak Free Microfiber Cloth which is proven success. Cloths Measure approximately 16" by 16" and the ORIGINAL 130gsm   A totally perfect combination for chemical free cleaning and all carry a full 5 YEAR GUARENTEE


Use Anywhere in home or any place that you want to shine and remain STREAK FREE.


In Car:

Removes bugs, film, oil, tar, grease, fingerprints, brake dust, soap scum along with all general dirt and dust.


·        WET IT… RING IT.. WIPE ANY SURFACE  1 – 2 - 3

·        Cleans with just water:

·        Glass

·        Windows

·        Windshields

·        Lexan

·        Fiberglass

·        Cars

·        Chrome

·        Acrylic

·        Vinyl

·        Computer screens

·        Mirrors

·        Televisions

·        Glasses

·        Counter Tops

·        RVs

·        Tile

·        Stainless Steel

·        Microwaves

·        Oven Faces

·        Windows

·        Aquariums

·        Plastic

·        Any surface you want ‘streak free’ and shiny.


Great for Rvs and Motorcycles as well as all the uses around home.. keep your life StreakFree.   



For Streak Free Chemical Free Microfiber cleaning cloth:

 1 For $6


2 For $10

6 For $19.99
10 For $25.99

15 For $35.99

25 for $49.99

Gift Giving Special
50 for $74.99

Cleaning Special
100 For $139.99

Neighborhood Special
200 For $259.99


500 Wrapped and Ready to Go For $599.99Make 700% Profit!!!

 1000 wrapped and ready for immediate use for $849.99
Cloths only
Less than .84 each

 Ultimate Special for Wholesalers for your own business

Cloths only

Less than .65 each
3000 for 2299.99

Best Online Deal Designed for the Successful Wholesalers

Cloths only
Less than .65 each
5000 for 2749.99

6 Eyeglass cleaners 6"x6" for $5.99

REUSABLE and machine washable


Streak Free Microfiber Mops

Streak Free Microfiber Mops are Here!  If you love our cloths, you can't miss out on trying our mops!  The Microfiber StreakFree Mop! The ultimate cleaning tool! Fits any screw on handle.  Handle sold separately.

Dusts, Sweeps, Mops, and Dries  All in one step! 

Cleans - Laminate - Vinyl - Hardwood

Ceramic - Marble

Any Floor and Hard to Reach Place!


Microfiber on a string mop.. and NO STREAKS


1 Mop for $13.99
Retail $18

2 Mops for $24.99
Retail $35

Cleaning Package
2 Streak Free and One Mop for $19.99
Retail $35

Friends Special
6 Streak Free Cloths and Two Mops for $39.99

Don't forget the Dusters

STOP wasting money on those Throwaways!!!!

Get the DRY duster!

Great for Vehicle,

Dusting, Dashboard,

Computer Screens,

or around precious ornaments!

Use it on your hand or attach to your handle!!

Toss it in the

Washing Machine.

100% Microfiber

1 Duster for $6.99


1 Duster and 2 Cloths for $12.99


Non-slip Sticky Anti-skidding Mat Pad Cushion for Cell Phone

The unique surface holds your cell phone, sunglasses, spare change and any other items that you don’t want to lose. Non-Slip Sticky Anti-Skidding Mat Sticks to smooth surfaces including glass, the dashboard or the center console in your car. This pad can be easily removed and won't leave any residual adhesive. Don't let papers, glasses or anything else you may keep on your dashboard distract you while driving – keep them anchored with Non-Slip Sticky Pads. Take advantage of this great offer and secure your stuff!  

As Seen on TV $10.95 each   Today $5 or 5 for $20

Brand new Non-slip Sticky Anti-skidding Mat Pad Cushion for Cell Phone
Compact design and light weight
Soft and flexible 
With superior adhesion and easy to use
Make mobile phone, sunglasses or coins tightly affixed to the pad surface 
Without paste agent, does not leave traces of paste 
Directly wash with water, dispel the dust and can use repeatedly

As Seen on TV $10.95 each   Today $5 or 5 for $20

Great for gifts, too! One for each car. Household uses or anywhere you need to hold something without tape or other means.

One for $5

Five for $20

Give as gifts.. everyone loves them.

When they lose stickiness from dust on dash, etc, simply swish quickly through soapy dishwater quickly, let dry and as good as new!

**  ShamWOW   ShamZILLAs **

Made with

100% Genuine German Viskose Fabric

Look for this Trade Mark:


Not 10 Years or 20 Years, but Lifetime!

If it ever tears or frays, I'll replace it, Free!

Simply return the damaged Shammy postpaid

and I will send you a new replacement.

The Heavy Towels are 240 gram/sqm heavy weight quality

(Same as the TV Brands Large Size)

These Towels are a Virtual Liquid Magnet! 

Faster than a sponge!

Better than paper towels!

          • Soaks up spills and messes like you won't believe!
          • Lasts for years! Will not tear or fray! (I'll replace it if it ever does)
          • Can be washed and bleached - will not fade!
          • Can be cut into smaller towels for convenience (The ones you get are big!)
          • Great for drying dishes, polishing and general cleaning - use anywhere!
          • Will not scratch any surface - perfect for chrome, plastics, ceramics, etc.
          • Cleans without streaking - perfect for windows, TV screens, PC Monitors
          • Great for drying sweaters, delicates and anything you would rather pat dry
          • Save one for drying your hair after washing - you won't believe it!
          • Use another for drying your pet after a bath - quicker than anything else!
          • A million great uses - Order plenty for all around the house

The Olympic divers and swimmers use this shammy fabric to dry off after every event!

100% non-woven Viskose material is extremely absorbent, machine washable & reusable!

1 Supersize ShamZILLA (24" x 20")For $6

2 Supersize ShamZILLA (24" x 20") plus FREE Streak Free For $10 

3 Supersize ShamZILLA (24" x 20") plus FREE Streak Free For $12.99

3 Supersize ShamZILLA (24" x 20") plus 3 Streak Free For $24.99

5 Supersize ShamZILLA (24" x 20") plus 5 Streak Free For $35.99

10 Supersize ShamZILLA (24" x 20") for $49.99


Monster Special

100 Supersize ShamZILLAs For $149.99

Great Wholesale Retail Resale Special

500 Supersize ShamZILLAs for $749.99

 Ultimate Wholesale Retail Resale Special

1000 Supersize ShamZILLAs for $999.99

3000 Supersize ShamZILLAs for $2549.99

5000 Supersize ShamZILLAs for $3999.99

10,000 Supersize ShamZILLAs for $7499.99


 Buff Me Beautiful

You've shopped for everyone else....

Now it's YOUR TURN! 

This is a specialty shop designed to pamper YOU!

Because YOU deserve it!

  • Cloths are microfiber suede
  • Removes Make up without Chemicals
  • Exfoliates dead dry skin cells from face, elbows, feet, knees, hands without chemicals
  • Good for Eczema and other skin conditions
  • Massage and Exfoliate and leave your delicate skin clean, smooth and silk with a youthful look

  • To remove water based make-up.. throw the harsh chemicals away.. just add water!
  • Oil based make-up may require a little help from your regular cleaner.
  • Removes Oil, pollutants and any residue from  your skin
  • Wet it, squeeze the excess water and hang to dry
  • Your Buff Me Beautiful Cloths are reusable and economical and are guarenteed a FULL YEAR  Enjoy
  • Good for Women and Buff-n-Sluff for Men (makes beards soft as well as exfoliates skin)


One 3 Pack of Buff Me Beautiful Cloths
$14.99  (retail $21)

One 3 Pack of Buff n Sluff for Men

 (retail $21)

Two 3 packs for You and Friend total 6 luxury Cloths

$25.99 (retail $42)


Magic Mini Vacuum

The Fluppi originated in Germany. It is the WORLDS SMALLEST VACUUM CLEANER. No bags to empty, no belts to brake, no electricty needed. The Fluppi is designed for those small pick up jobs. Great for stairs, indoor, outdoor carpet. Wet or Dry. picks up chips,rocks, glass, sand, lint, pet hair, kiddie crumbs, hubby crumbs, pet crumbs. Great for keeping the kitty litter area clean, under bird cages, hamster cages. All these jobs takes  longer to drag a vacuum cleaner out and put it up than it does to clean up the small mess. This is where the Fluppi comes in. Just a little pressure, sweep back and forth, dump the contents in the trash and you're done. Wash it out under running water or put it in the dish washer. Buy two, one for the house and one for your car, truck, or boat. The Fluppi makes a great gift also.

1 for $6

2 for $10

5 for $19.99

Share a Fluppi

10 for $35.99


100 for $249.99

500 Fluppis individually packed in Box

500 for $624.99

OSU Flags
Flags are 3' x 5' Polyester

Scarlet n Gray Stripes

One 3' x 5' Scarlet n Gray Stripe Flag

One 3' x 5' Buckeye Nation Flag

Rechargable AUTO Flashlight

This is for a really cool little item to have around.  Bought one and fell in love with them so started carrying them at shows and now brought to website



Constant or Emergency Flashing light

Over 10,000 hours of bulb life

Ready to use anytime inside or outside thecar

NEVER need to replace batteries or bulb

Plug into cigarette lighter and ready togo!

Plug the flashlight into the automobilecigarette lighter jack while driving. Generally it will provide 70% of normal battery capacity within one hourof charging. For a full charge it takes4 hours



1 high powered white LED


3.6V 40mAh Nickel Metal Hydride


.5 oz / 35gm with batteries

Burn time:

Per 1 full cycle charge

FULL Brightness 4 continuous hours

Lighted 36 hours

Blinking 75 hours


Buy an Auto Flashlight get FREE Streak Free Microfiber Cloth
$9.99  (Retail 29.99 PLUS FREE Streak Free)

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